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In the Archives you can find a collection of Black Talk recordings, books, and documents that have been collected throughout the years by various members of BSN’s executive team. Some of these archives are political and outline BSN’s involvement in several activist undertakings, other resources are informative and include intellectual discussions on race and other similar matters.


These archives also feature the past executive teams of BSN for your reference! The purpose of these archives are to serve as a form of institutional memory for BSN, but moreover, they are very useful documents that can be used by anyone interested in conducting research, either to satisfy one’s curiosity, or research towards a class project. 

In order to view the archives, visit the website on desktop.



The BSN hosts an array of events for McGill Students and the Montreal Community, but the events below are known as BSN staples that take place annually, and some of which have been happening since BSN’s commencement in the 70s. Make sure to join us!

Black Grad

See information about event at the Black Grad page.

Black Frosh

Congrats to the Class of 2020!

See information about this event at the Black Frosh page.

Soul Food Friday

See information about this event at the Soul Food Friday page.


What does Soul Food mean to you?

Photo: Untitled (Eating Lobster) from Kitchen Table Series, 1990, Christa Mae Weems

Hair Day

See information about this event at the Hair Day page.

Hair Day



Black students on campus are often unaware of the vast network of McGill Black Alumni that are all over the world accomplishing great things. BSN’s Alumni Spotlight Initiative would thereby like to highlight the achievements of Black Alumni on our website and provide a mechanism for which students can reach out and connect with them to learn about potential career paths and opportunities. 


If there is an alumni that you believe should be featured on our page, please email