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The goal of BHM at McGill is to celebrate and centre Blackness at McGill University and more broadly in the greater communities of Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

Through diverse events and activities, BHM aims to educate and create necessary spaces for people in our communities to learn, engage, challenge, and expand our understanding of Blackness, Black history, and Black experiences.

It has been BSN’s pleasure to co-host McGill’s Black History Month since its inauguration. We are honoured to be a part of the university’s work to show the beauty and diversity of Black culture, and how its evolution has influenced the transformation of society, more specifically that of McGill and Montreal.


We extend our gratitude to the community for supporting the BHM team as we work extremely hard to make every February fun, educational, and exciting.

For info on Black History Month this year, you can find go to the Facebook page or the McGill equity page. 

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