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Soul Food Friday is an event where the McGill community can come together to celebrate the contributions that Black people have made to American cuisine.

Soul Food Friday is one the BSN’s oldest and most special events that happens twice a year; once per semester. It’s a space where Black students at McGill can consume good food, engage in community, and take the time to relax amid the busy midterm season.


While the term ‘Soul Food’ originated around the 1960s at the onset of the civil rights movement in the United States, Soul Food is really grounded in slavery across the Americas, and the dishes are rooted in the glorious flavours and the warmth of African cuisine. 

On Soul Food Friday we gather with our friends, we eat, we laugh, we enjoy an incredible meal, and we honour the brilliance of Black people and their ability to always find joy amid persecution. 


To see the rest of the pictures, visit the Archive.

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