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Youth Day (previously Children's Day), is one of the BSN’s long-established events, and is designed to give back to the Montreal community by informing students regarding academic opportunities through their participation in interactive workshops. 

In earlier years, the event was targeted at elementary and high school students to educate them on Black peoples’ contributions to society and demonstrate that black history is relevant every month of the year, in all walks of life. Recent Youth Day events have mainly targeted high school and Cégep students, and have sought to expand on the initiative’s central mission by encouraging these young adults’ application to university programs.  


Youth Day’s workshops have included:

Presentations by McGill’s Career and Planning Service (CaPS),

Mental health and wellness seminars by industry professionals,

Panel discussions with black McGill entrepreneurs,

Q&A sessions with black student leaders,

Consultations with black graduate students (law, medicine, etc.).

The BSN has also been working with McGill Enrolment to ensure that our invited schools foster a relationship with the McGill admissions team to encourage more students of colour to enrol at our university. 

If your school is interested in taking part in this initiative, please email us at and/or

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